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Employee Statistics

  • 41.10 hrs/week
    0 50

    At Kolde, providing stability for your family and you is key. An average employee gets stable work hours.

  • 6.38 years
    0 10

    The average Kolde employee stays with us for an average of 6.38 years

What our employees say

  • Opportunity to grow

    Good benefits and pay, and I have the opportunity to grow here.

    Doug Holecek At Kolde Since 2003
  • A Culture of Teamwork

    The culture at Kolde is based on teamwork. We work together to produce the best product for our customers. I like the culture because it focuses on customers and workmanship. The culture is unique — everyone is encouraged to share their ideas to make work more efficient.

    Johnny Ingram At Kolde Since 2014
  • Build a Career

    Kolde Concrete Construction offers the best team environment I’ve ever been a part of. From the owners to the office and the field, everyone is considered an important part of the team.

    JD Kenney At Kolde Since 2005
  • Great management staff

    Kolde has great management with years of experience. I’ve been promoted to superintendent and got training and certifications in crane rigging and forklift work. Kolde has great pay and benefits, and has plenty of work. I’m always doing something different day to day.

    Bret Rohr At Kolde Since 2010
  • One of my favorite projects

    The K-State football stadium is one of my favorite projects because of the pride of ownership the customer has, and because of the intricacy of the structural components we were responsible for. Kolde is and will continue to be a top contender in this area.

    Mark Hall At Kolde Since 2013
  • We stick together so everyone succeeds

    Kolde has a family culture. We stick together so everyone succeeds not just the owners. Kolde is like a home to me.

    Jay Laher At Kolde Since 2017
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