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Position: Superintendent

Reports To: General Superintendent

General Requirements: Applicants will possess dependable transportation in order that they may report to work in a timely and consistent manner, be able to communicate, understand and follow directions as required, have the necessary tools for the position and maintain company tools/equipment as appropriate, follow all company policies and procedures in regards to safety, leave of absence and time reporting, present and promote themselves and the company in a professional and competent manner. Performs a variety of supervisory and managerial functions under the direction of the general superintendent and job specific project manager in order to achieve profitable and quality-oriented projects more specifically defined below. Must be able to pass drug and alcohol screening.

Education/Experience Requirements: Qualified applicants will have a high school diploma or equivalent and have a proven history functioning in a similar position that included supervisory responsibilities. Applicants will possess leadership qualities in order to promote a professional atmosphere for not only other company employees but will act as the daily, on-site point of contact with General Contractors, and as required, project managers, Engineers, Architects, and Owners.

Expectations and Responsibilities:

  1. 1. Performs timely and accurate reporting of daily time for all relevant on-site staff.
  2. 2. Performs daily record keeping (daily log book) ensuring accurate accounting of job progress, problems, resolutions, etc.
  3. 3. Reviews plans, specifications, estimate, contract and other project documents to become familiar with project requirements and scope.
  4. 4. Prepares and participates in project hand-off meetings prior to commencement of work with estimators, project managers, and general superintendent to ensure the most efficient and profitable project implementation.
  5. 5. Plans and prepares for project implementation by outlining questions and concerns and ideas regarding the project and in performing preliminary material takeoffs/calculations, time and resource scheduling, equipment needs evaluations, and other general project requirements.
  6. 6. Establishes a professional rapport with the General Contractor Superintendent/Project Manager and acts as the on-site company representative and in weekly progress meetings.
  7. 7. As directed and with the assistance of the project manager, generates the necessary project documentation to track information, ask questions, resolve problems, and monitor extra work requests, change in scope, and other project correspondence including but not limited to Requests for Information (RFI’s), project schedules, Change Orders, Field Directives, Work Orders, detail sketches, etc.
  8. 8. With the assistance of the project manager and general superintendent, reviews and utilizes project cost reports to track project performance and to ensure profitable and well-managed projects.
  9. 9. Performs on-site layout and coordination with other trades to align and establish the location and continuation of the work.
  10. 10. Is responsible for the day to day planning, implementation, and monitoring of all project safety requirements including safety discussions, tool box talks, PPE, incident reports and coordination with the company safety representative.
  11. 11. Is responsible for the supervision of crew(s) during the workday and for procuring materials and services as needed for planned activities without interfering with crew supervision.
  12. 12. Acts as a mentor and develops other company staff by providing on-site training and the development of good morale both on and off the job.
  13. 13. Meet commercial vehicle driver’s license, CDL, and medical card statutory requirements to operate and transport tools and equipment to and from project sites.
  14. 14. Participate in all company-sponsored and relevant outside safety and skills training classes. Classes include but are not limited to trenching and shoring practices, soil classification determination, CPR, etc.

Daily Duties:

  • Prepare and process project specific “Timesheets”
  • Prepare and process “Daily Project Record”
  • Monitor crew labor cost and hours as compared to utilization and need
  • Monitor company or rented equipment utilization and need
  • Coordinate and schedule company subcontractor field work with company staff field work Weekly
  • Prepare “Two Week Planning Schedule” and distribute to the project manager, General Contractor superintendent and impacted company subcontractors
  • Identify project needs, i.e. equipment, labor, material, subcontractors, and other, in advance
  • Review and monitor budget and status reports noting discrepancies to the project manager
  • Conduct and document toolbox safety meetings for company project site staff and company subcontractors
  • Attend office initiated superintendent meeting
  • Maintain accurate field record drawings as Required
  • Attend project manager “handoff” meeting with full knowledge of scope and understanding of drawings
  • Identify and meet project specification and drawing quality standards
  • Serve as point of contact with the general contractor’s superintendent
  • Identify and solve site related construction issues before they become problems
  • Attend general contractor subcontractor coordination and progress meetings
  • Prepare and process “Concrete Placement Checklist”
  • Coordinate company field work with the General Contractor
  • Support coordination of the General Contractor with interaction of other trades
  • Provide on-the-job training for company field staff
  • Schedule and support training and encourage staff development
  • Prepare incident, accident and theft reports
  • Prepare “Occurrence Reports” and receive General Contractor superintendent acknowledgment
  • Prepare and participate in performance reviews of company field staff

Why Work at Kolde

We founded Kolde Concrete Construction in 1983 on a “customer first” approach, and believe that the best way to provide our customers with extraordinary service is by building an extraordinary team. Our core values — integrity, trust and hard work — guide every decision we make. Nowhere is this more true than in our approach to hiring and team building.

We hire the best people working in construction today. We’re committed to supporting each person to build a meaningful career. We pay for special trainings and certifications from ACI, ACPA and more to help each member of the team refine their craft. And, we promote learning across teams to push us to excel as a company and to serve our customers with the best work in the business. Come experience Kolde.

Our Equipment

We equip our team with state-of-the-art trucks and tools to produce the most durable, beautiful concrete work in the state. Led by ACI and ACPA Certified technicians, operators and finishers, we power teams with innovative concrete pumping trucks, Robotic Total Stations, Laser Screeds, 3D Profilers, D-Meters and much more. We do more than just place, pour and pump concrete — we provide our people with the most innovative equipment in the business so that we can, together, serve our clients and communities with extraordinary concrete solutions.

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