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Since 2013, we have provided full-service concrete repair and mudjacking services. Our expert teams pressure place high-quality, fast-setting cement grout to raise and level concrete slabs compromised by erosion or damage — streets to sidewalks, driveways to garage floors.

Common Challenge, Simple Solution

  • Sinking, damaged concrete slabs are common in Kansas
  • Mudjacking is an affordable, lasting way to stabilize compromised concrete
  • Our expert teams can raise, level and repair slabs of all sizes

On Time, On Budget

In a field plagued by missed deadlines, we stand apart:

  • Our work is on time and on budget
  • We communicate clearly, our planning is meticulous

Mudjacking Experience Since 2013

Our expert crews utilize training from the manufacturer and years in of experience in the concrete industry to level your slab. While sinking concrete slabs are common in Kansas due to a weak soil base and water erosion, our proven mudjacking work can quickly stabilize sinking or cracked concrete. Using high-pressure pumps and hoses, we place grout under compromised concrete and “mudjack” slabs back to their original positions. The end result is restored, stable concrete ready for use.

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