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Trade Foreman

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Position: Trade Foreman

Reports To: Superintendent

Summary of Position: In addition to the requirements, expectations and responsibilities listed in the Position Descriptions for “Laborer” and “Tradesman” performs those duties as required for the day to day construction, erection and supervision of concrete formwork and placement projects including but not limited to residential, commercial, industrial and high-rise structures.

General Requirements:

Qualified applicants will be able to recognize and erect different types of formwork and have a working understanding of the process for placing concrete in the formwork. Applicants will possess dependable transportation in order that they may report to work in a timely and consistent manner, be able to communicate in writing using the English language, and understand and follow directions as required. Applicants will follow all company policies and procedures in regards to safety, leave of absence and time reporting, and be able to present themselves and the company in a professional and competent manner. Applicants will perform a variety of independent tasks under the general supervision and guidance of a Superintendent in order to achieve profitable and quality oriented projects associated with the concrete construction industry more specifically defined below.

Education/Experience Requirements:

Qualified applicants will have a minimum of two years’ experience functioning in a similar position that included supervisory responsibilities and experience. Applicants will have leadership qualities in order to promote a professional atmosphere for not only other employees but will act as the daily and on-site point of contact between General Contractors, Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, and Owners in the absence of the Superintendent.

Expectations and Responsibilities:

1. Has mandatory carpentry tools at all times during the work and is able to safely and efficiently use and teach others in their proper use.

2. Demonstrates competency and operating experience with typical construction-related mobile equipment in a safe, effective and accurate manner.

3. Anticipates and reports shortages of forming and other materials to the Superintendent.

4. Anticipates the need for labor, tools, supplies and equipment for the next day, next week and project duration and properly communicate such needs to the Superintendent in a timely thorough manner.

5. Assures all tools and equipment are in good working order and are being properly used by co-workers.

6. Is able to set a wide variety of form systems in a professional manner and in accordance with the schedule direction as provided by the Superintendent.

7. Has knowledge of and is able to use surveying instruments to perform both horizontal and vertical layout work.

8. Can read and understand blueprints and shop drawings with minimum assistance.

9. In the absence of the Superintendent, has the ability to manage the paperwork requirements of the job including daily time sheets, daily logs, occurrence reports, etc.

10. In the absence of or with the assistance of the Superintendent be responsible for the supervision and management of crew(s) during the work as needed for planned activities.

11. Acts as a mentor and develops other staff by providing on-site training and the development of good morale both on and off the job.

12. Schedule and conduct safety meetings, instruct co-workers on the effective and proper use of PPE and have sufficient documented training to serve as a designated Competent Person.

13. Must be able to operate various types of construction equipment and have experience with power and ride on trowels.

14. Must have experience with vertical and horizontal rubbing and patching.

15. Be willing to learn and understand concrete admixtures and its environmental impact.

16. Spreads, levels, smooth and shape and finish freshly placed concrete on a wide variety of structures.

17. Prepares sites for concrete work by leveling or contouring the ground, building and setting concrete forms, cutting and placing reinforcement materials, and similar activities.

18. Reads and interprets plans, blueprints and state and federal specifications; performs the necessary tasks according to required standards for dimensions and finish.

19. Cleans work site areas and equipment.

20. Must have management skills that include but not limited to: preparation of time cards, ability to read and understand ready mix concrete receivers, direct a finishing crew in a positive and profitable direction, and be willing to take on and accept responsibility.

21. Must be able to work in adverse weather conditions, night or day, including extreme heat or cold and under emergency conditions.

22. Must be able to work long shifts and some weekends as required.

23. Meet commercial vehicle driver’s license, CDL, and medical card statutory requirements to operate and transport tools and equipment to and from project sites.

24. Must be able to comprehend and implement proper industry and jobsite specific safety rules and regulations and enforce such rules and regulations with subordinate employees.

Why Work at Kolde

We founded Kolde Concrete Construction in 1983 on a “customer first” approach, and believe that the best way to provide our customers with extraordinary service is by building an extraordinary team. Our core values — integrity, trust and hard work — guide every decision we make. Nowhere is this more true than in our approach to hiring and team building.

We hire the best people working in construction today. We’re committed to supporting each person to build a meaningful career. We pay for special trainings and certifications from ACI, ACPA and more to help each member of the team refine their craft. And, we promote learning across teams to push us to excel as a company and to serve our customers with the best work in the business. Come experience Kolde.

Our Equipment

We equip our team with state-of-the-art trucks and tools to produce the most durable, beautiful concrete work in the state. Led by ACI and ACPA Certified technicians, operators and finishers, we power teams with innovative concrete pumping trucks, Robotic Total Stations, Laser Screeds, 3D Profilers, D-Meters and much more. We do more than just place, pour and pump concrete — we provide our people with the most innovative equipment in the business so that we can, together, serve our clients and communities with extraordinary concrete solutions.

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