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Project Manager

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General Requirements:


Applicants will conduct themselves in a professional manner, be able to communicate, both orally and in written format, understand, follow and give directions as necessary, and follow all company policies and procedures regarding office/field protocol, safety, leave of absence, time reporting, and promote themselves and the company in an ethical and competent manner.  Applicants will further possess a general knowledge of computer skills including file management, word processing, spreadsheets, data entry, scheduling software and be able to communicate job progress through weekly project status reporting.  Applicants will act as mentors and leaders in the training and development of all field personnel to include individual project superintendents and provide assistance to the general superintendent and vice president operations regarding the evaluation and performance of the project superintendents.



Education/Experience Requirements:


Qualified applicants will posses at a minimum a four-year college degree or equivalent and have a minimum of five years experience functioning in a similar position.  Education and/or experience may be substituted as applicable.  Applicants will possess leadership qualities in order to promote a professional atmosphere for other company project managers, project superintendents and field employees but will act as a daily point of contact between General Contractors, Owners, Engineers, Architects, Vendors and Suppliers


Expectations and Responsibilities:


Performs a wide variety of supervisory and management tasks under the direction of the vice president operations in order to achieve profitable, timely, safe and quality oriented projects associated with the concrete construction industry more specifically defined as follows:



1.   Continuously monitors, manages and evaluates the profitability, schedule, scope compliance and customer satisfaction on a project by project basis by working closely with the vice president operations and general superintendent and assists individual project superintendents with their balancing of labor, material, subcontracted, equipment and other resources in conjunction with budgeted crew and man-hour allocations.


Proactively monitors and ensures profitable operations on a project by project basis utilizing available man-hour/cubic yard estimates, current job costing information and by monitoring and evaluating daily paperwork as submitted by the individual project superintendents including timesheets, daily reports, weekly schedules and productivity reports.


Prepares, promotes and implements all Project Handoff meetings with project team members to become familiar with project scopes, budgets, timelines and goals and provides assistance to individual project superintendents with their project start-up and on-going requirements.


Prepares, promotes and implements all Project Closeout meetings with project team members to ensure project “learned” information is not lost and that the results of individual projects are well documented to specifically update estimating and other pre-project planning procedures.


Performs site visits to all projects and conduct regular project progress meetings on a regular basis and complete a formal site visit inspection document to be used by the general superintendent and project superintendent to evaluate project status, progress, safety, quality and profitability.


With the assistance of a project technician, provide on a regular basis all project status reporting necessary by upper management to evaluate project progress, profitability scope and schedule compliance.


Assists as needed in the solution of difficult construction and management problems or discussions with owners, architects, engineers and general contractors on project problems.


Continuously monitors and evaluates in close agreement with the safety officer, all safety related activities and requirements for each specific project and on an on-going company-wide safety program basis.


Will provide support to the individual project superintendents by interfacing with the general contractor contacts, company subcontractors, vendors and suppliers through regular site visits and attendance at project progress meetings as necessary.


As required, participate in all pre-construction and project progress meetings with the project superintendent, General Contractor, Owner and Architect.


Continuously seeks cost-effective methods of construction as utilized and-or requested by project-field management and performs ongoing evaluations of current practices and procedures to ensure consistent, standard and profitable performance.


Performs interface with project/field management and utilizes both job cost and historical estimate data in order to update estimating unit and man-hour cost figures with respect to material, labor and equipment.


Continuously monitors the relationships between subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to best fit the needs and directions of the company.

Perform other related duties as assigned and as apparent.




Review daily reports and timesheets, and discuss status with the project superintendent



Monitors job costs and discusses them with the project superintendent

Monitors and discusses project superintendent 2 week look ahead schedule

Attend operation meetings

Prepare job schedule reports



Review project billing with the project superintendent and prepare updated Schedule of Values percent progress completed

Review and approve company pay applications

Review and approve company subcontractor/vendor invoices

Update and prepare cost-to-complete estimate


As required

Assist the project technician in determining contract document submittal requirements

Review, edit and negotiate general contractor agreement

Prepare Schedule of Values

Prepare subcontracts

Review and approve subcontract pay applications

Reviews and approves purchase orders

Assists the project technician in preparation of the project handoff and pre-construction checklists

Assist the project superintendent in preparation of a preliminary project approach and schedule for the handoff meeting

Maintains an accurate knowledge of field progress and quality through site visits and discussions with the project superintendent

Identify and communicate potential health and safety issues

Prepares Request for Information text/explanation

Reviews and approves Request for Information before distribution

Prepares Change Order Requests text/explanation and worksheets

Reviews and approves Change Order Requests before distribution

Serves as primary contact with General Contractor’s project manager

Interact and correspond with the project Owner, Architect, Engineer, and other General Contractor subcontractors as necessary

Assist project superintendents “troubleshoot” issues impacting cost, schedule, manpower and other resources, constructability and technology

Attend superintendent meetings

Why Work at Kolde

We founded Kolde Concrete Construction in 1983 on a “customer first” approach, and believe that the best way to provide our customers with extraordinary service is by building an extraordinary team. Our core values — integrity, trust and hard work — guide every decision we make. Nowhere is this more true than in our approach to hiring and team building.

We hire the best people working in construction today. We’re committed to supporting each person to build a meaningful career. We pay for special trainings and certifications from ACI, ACPA and more to help each member of the team refine their craft. And, we promote learning across teams to push us to excel as a company and to serve our customers with the best work in the business.

Our Equipment

We equip our team with state-of-the-art trucks and tools to produce the most durable, beautiful concrete work in the state. Led by ACI and ACPA Certified technicians, operators and finishers, we power teams with innovative concrete pumping trucks, Robotic Total Stations, Laser Screeds, 3D Profilers, D-Meters and much more. We do more than just place, pour and pump concrete — we provide our people with the most innovative equipment in the business so that we can, together, serve our clients and communities with extraordinary concrete solutions.

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