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  2. The basic function of the Estimator is to review the architectural and structural drawings submitted by Developers and General Contractors, develop the Bill of Material, estimate the labor and basically determine the cost Kolde Concrete Construction will incur by completing the project or contract.  Then, with this information, determine the price at which the job or contract will be bid. 


The Estimator must have the ability to understand how the job will go together and envision the work to be performed including a perception of difficulties that may be encountered.


The Estimator is delegated sufficient authority to accomplish the duties, responsibilities, goals and objectives that have been established for this position, including the authority to: 

Negotiate, set, accept, or change the price of all services of the company.


Commit the company to delivering specific jobs on dates acceptable to the client and our Field Superintendent.

Request bids from other sources for the performance of work not normally performed by the company, but required by the contract.

Plan and execute estimates on projects that support Kolde Concrete Construction established sales objectives and develop new opportunities for additional growth, but within the budgeted limits.




The Estimator reports to the Senior Estimator of Kolde Concrete Construction,

There are no positions reporting to the Estimator.  However, the Estimator is to establish and maintain cooperative, coordinated and communicable relationships with all other functional areas within the organization and business associates.


 Education :


Required:  Verifiable high school diploma or equivalent with technical classes in construction.


Preferred:  Four-year college  degree  in  Construction  Science  or  related subject is preferred.



Required:  Five years experience in construction industry with two years of superintendent or project management experience required.


Preferred: Five years of successful estimating experience in the construction industry.

Skills/ Knowledge/Abilities:

Required: The uses of analytical and observational skills that demonstrate an ability to organize, budget, forecast and correctly estimate projects.  The ability to read and understand blue prints. Knowledge of general construction concepts and scheduling of construction equipment and labor.  Ability to use computers with Microsoft Office and drafting and Estimating software


Preferred:  Same as above with the additional ability to proficiency use QuickBooks software.


  1. Mental:


5.5.1    Required: Analytical  and statistical  knowledge using  general  business mathematical skills.  Language ability includes reading, writing, spelling, and the ability to orally communicate clearly on technical and business topics in English.

  1. Physical:


  1. Body Positions:  Must be able to sit, stand, and walk for extensive period of time.


  1. Body Movements:  Must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, and have full use of hands, fingers, and arms.  Ability to occasionally lift moderate to heavy loads.


  1. Vision:  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, depth perception, ability to identify and distinguish colors, and the ability to adjust focus. 


  1. Work Environment:

Primary:  Basic environmentally controlled general office environment.

Secondary:  May be required to visit client job sites, which are outside and in all types of weather.

The responsibilities of the Estimator include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Meeting all profit and growth objectives as established by the President.

Estimating the cost for jobs in a manner that ensures that all material, standard labor, overhead, and profit are taken into consideration and reflects current conditions.

Preparing the cost estimates/bids in a timely manner.

Ensuring that the President, prior to quoting, has approved all clients.

Providing the company with a list of vendors used for calculating price and significant lead times if known.

Keeping updated on the price of materials in order to have current information for estimating purposes.

Determining that all of the information for invoicing is correct and that it is available to be billed on a timely basis.

Comparing actual times to complete the various job phases with the estimates in order to have the most accurate and current information on how long it takes each job phase.

Ensuring that all additions/deletions to jobs are included in estimates and that they are included in invoices.

Ensuring that all company policies and procedures are followed.

Presenting a professional image at all times.

Being mindful of safety requirements at all times.

Providing weekly and monthly  reports to management.

Establishing and maintaining a Bid Log of all estimates and quotes, including the results and reason for the results if known.

Ensure that the pricing structure for all products and services is profitable, yet competitive.

  1. Ensure that contracts are processed and that and that appropriate personnel are informed of any special details with respect to pricing, performance and completion date.
  3. Ensure that the project budget is developed, written, implemented and functioning.
  5. Meet monthly, quarterly, and annual goals and objectives and provide a plan for their attainment.
  7. Identify and contact existing and potential clients to promote the company’s diverse activities and maximize the revenue.

Maintain an awareness of business and market related trends, including competition service offerings and determine the impact of any changes or activities that could affect Kolde Concrete Construction

Research the activities of current and potential customers to be prepared to contact them with proposals for supplying their overall needs.

  1. Seek new avenues of business for the company that fit its capabilities and growth plans.
  3. Monitor the activities of competitors to stay on top of their actions in the market and develop plans to stay ahead of them.

Maintains the Bid-to-Award ratio at an acceptable level.

Meet regularly with other managers and with employees to ensure that information flows both horizontally and vertically throughout the organizational chart to ensure that goals and objectives are achieved.

Successfully completes any additional assignments, tasks, or requests as assigned.


The Estimator shall be deemed to be performing in a satisfactory manner when:

Each estimate prepared covers all of the costs associated with the project to include overhead absorption.

All estimates are prepared in a manner that will allow for timely price quotation.

The information used in preparing estimates for material costs and labor hours is current.  Labor information should be reflective of the past 90 days.  Pricing data should reflect the most recent prices paid or current/projected pricing.

Material, equipment, and tool lists are accurate for the jobs awarded.

Errors or omissions are not found in calculations of estimates.

The bid-to-award ratio is maintained at the 25 percent level for commercial and 70 percent level for residential jobs.

The degree of satisfaction of the President.

Why Work at Kolde

We founded Kolde Concrete Construction in 1983 on a “customer first” approach, and believe that the best way to provide our customers with extraordinary service is by building an extraordinary team. Our core values — integrity, trust and hard work — guide every decision we make. Nowhere is this more true than in our approach to hiring and team building.

We hire the best people working in construction today. We’re committed to supporting each person to build a meaningful career. We pay for special trainings and certifications from ACI, ACPA and more to help each member of the team refine their craft. And, we promote learning across teams to push us to excel as a company and to serve our customers with the best work in the business.

Our Equipment

We equip our team with state-of-the-art trucks and tools to produce the most durable, beautiful concrete work in the state. Led by ACI and ACPA Certified technicians, operators and finishers, we power teams with innovative concrete pumping trucks, Robotic Total Stations, Laser Screeds, 3D Profilers, D-Meters and much more. We do more than just place, pour and pump concrete — we provide our people with the most innovative equipment in the business so that we can, together, serve our clients and communities with extraordinary concrete solutions.

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